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Founder of Yuna Designs, Yuna, is a jewelry designer based in Japan.

Yuna is originally from Kobe, Japan, with two cultural backgrounds: Japan and Taiwan.  

Living in the multicultural environment is always inspirational and stimulative for her.  


Yuna had aspired to become a counselor and experienced volunteer activities while she was working for a company in Japan.  
Through these experiences, she found the importance to approach people's emotions using a medium, which enables to create dialogues between persons. 

Yuna had searched for the medium and got an inspiration from jewelry which contains a possibility to be loved by people beyond race and religions when she traveled to Malaysia.  


In order to create a medium by herself, 
Yuna moved to New York in 2015 and studied jewelry design and fabrication at Fashion Institute of Technology.  

The mission of Yuna Designs is to share our concepts with customers, and customers create their own stories with their own memories and sensibilities.  

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